Wendy Aquino

Wendy Aquino

Realtor®, Sales Agent

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Born in Puerto Cortés, Honduras, Wendy moved to the US at the age of 10. As the eldest among four siblings and the sole daughter, she made her mark early on. Graduating from Vero Beach High School set Wendy’s foundation for her academic and personal journey.


A devoted wife and mother to three daughters, Wendy manages the intricacies of both personal and professional life with finesse. Alongside her family, which includes their beloved Maltese, Billy, she thrives in fostering a harmonious and balanced environment. Embracing her role as a "girl mom," Wendy embraces life's diverse roles with enthusiasm, setting an inspiring example for those around her. Her journey, marked by resilience, adaptability, and a passion for connecting with others, serves as a source of inspiration and motivation to all who have the privilege of crossing her path.


Embarking on her professional journey, Wendy initiated her career in the retail industry, showcasing her adaptability and commitment to excellence. She honed her customer service skills through diverse roles, including positions at prominent retail establishments. Wendy’s business acumen was so prevalent that she was recruited by the owner of a local Dental office as their business administrator. Displaying her inherent talent for organization and management, she excelled in this capacity across two distinct dental offices for over 5 years.


After years in the dental world, Wendy took a bold step by joining her husband in his tile contracting business. Assuming a leadership role, she effectively managed and grew the business to new heights. Her enthusiasm for building relationships is evident in her focus on customer service, where she has forged lasting connections with clients.


Her personal and professional life has led her on the path to real estate. Wendy made a strategic choice by aligning herself with M&M Realty, a decision driven by the company's philanthropic ethos, which is how she lives her life. Fluent in both English and Spanish, she effortlessly guides clients through the real estate journey using both languages. Known for her insatiable quest for knowledge and her drive for excellent customer service, Wendy excels helping clients in whatever real estate needs they may have.


Beyond her professional achievements, Wendy's personal interests shine brightly. She finds solace in watching movies, exploring culinary delights, and embarking on travel adventures. Her devotion to family remains central, with free time dedicated to her husband and daughters, especially during their school's Volleyball and Weightlifting seasons.


Wendy is not only a consummate professional but also a dedicated community member. She actively volunteers at her local church's food pantry and participates in outreach programs, exemplifying her compassion and commitment to serving others. As a proud member of the Army of the Lord ministries, she embodies her faith in action.

M&M Gives: 10% Charity Promise

M&M Realty is the only company in Florida that donates 10% of the brokerage commission to Charity on every transaction.